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Week 23 Live You



When you find your true purpose and pursue that purpose with all your heart then things happen for you. Natures law happens.
Nature, as we are all a part of and cannot escape its laws like gravity will act on us. What I mean is once you have found your true passion and you diligently are working towards it, it’s in that passion things start happening for you. People, things, events, are drawn to you and nature begins to act. Like how a bee or an insect is drawn to that flower. The bee doesn’t think about it, it’s just doing what bees do. Such is what happens in our own lives once we have found our definite major purpose or our passion. Nature, the Universe begins to act because you have opened up and are living with your heart and your passion and not what others want you to do or society wants you to do but…. LIVE YOU. Your passion is the flower and like a bee, nature must follow the law, and begin to be attracted to your flower, your authentic self.

Here is where the disconnect happens. We have been given free thought,free will and we have the option to do whatever we want good, bad or indifferent. So we have the choice whether to find out what our true passion is and start to live it or we don’t. Sometimes the universe acts on us and we either choose to see or we choose not to see. The choice is always yours.

We have been conditioned since we were young to look at the negative points of view, color inside the lines, why can’t you be more like them, being compared to others, do what they do, get good grades- go to a good school – get a good job, live the life others want you to have or what society says “you need to be” otherwise you will be criticized, ridiculed, and shamed.


How do we talk to ourselves? Are we not our own worst critic? Are we not always saying we’re not good enough and comparing our lives to someone or some image that is impossible to live up too? Society, Media and the Internet continue to bombard us with what we should do and be. We see on average over 2300 advertisements per day for things that will make us better, make us happy, make us content…… but they don’t.

Everyone knows someone who is not happy and not really living their lives. In the United States up to a third of the population FEELS STUCK. Dissatisfied with their lives right now. That is over 100,000,000 people!!! Not living but just going through the motions. Putting their passion, dreams, their reason to be here on hold. Most of these people will go through life never really truly living and go to their death beds with their passion still inside.

What is your passion?
What are you here to do?
What was it that you always wanted to do but felt you couldn’t?

Don’t know? Start asking yourself those questions, start sitting quietly and away from all distractions. Start listening to that voice inside of you. Start feeling again, start to LIVE YOU.

My journey is just beginning and these are some of the things I have learned and will continue to learn and apply in my own life. Undoing all the negativity, the conditioning and truly living my passion, my LIVE YOU. I have been on this journey for some time reading, learning and applying but once I found the Master Key six months ago the pieces really started to come together for me. Live your life with passion, be the person you want to be and nature will act on you and for you.

Thank you for reading this blog


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