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Week 20 My Cage



Time to push.

Time to keep the focus

Time to be Me! The true Me, not what someone wants Me to be

Time to let go of the past

Time to get out of the comfort zone

Time to recognize what the fear, the guilt, the anger, the hurt feelings and unworthiness are doing to me

Time to sing for me

Time to sing my own melody

Time to do more than survive

Time to thrive

I’m sick of standing on the sideline of my own life. Every day doing the things & robotic tasks that I’m suppose too. Where did my life go? What happened to my dreams? Where is my passion!??

Who am I??

No really who am I???

I never knew, I never knew that my cage. The cage I built around me was not to keep everything bad out but was built to keep me in. A prisoner of my own design.

I never realized that my cage was never locked.

I never realized that my cage never had a door.

I never realized that there is no cage at all.

It’s all me, it’s all what I believed was there holding me back

I’m Alive!!!!

Today I’m alive!!

Now I learn how to be truly free

Learn to be truly ME.

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  1. Paul, that’s an amazing awakening. Thank you so much for sharing. I was toying with the idea of having built my own comfort zone walls that were holding me back — a cage is probably a more realistic visual. But let’s celebrate that we no longer have to suffer. We are free!

  2. Time to leave you a comment.

    Time to tell you I enjoyed your sharing.

    Time to mention – I see you answered the call.

    Time to go…

    good job bye!
    Jerry Bronner recently posted…Week Twenty-oneMy Profile

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