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Week 19 Yin-Yang Natures Law

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The yin-yang symbol represents opposite chi energies that can’t exist without each other. The black curve, with its white dot, stands for femininity, cold, night, matter, softness and passivity, while the white curve represents masculinity, spirit, heat, day, hardness and activity.

I have been reading more and revisiting a few of the writings. One in particular is “Emerson’s Law of Compensation”

Reading this over I found some understanding of what he was trying to communicate. Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote this in 1841 and is very relevant today and maybe even more so with all the distractions we have at our disposal thanks to technology and advancements in modern society. We seem to be molded more by our surroundings and peers than ever before, not taking the time to stop unplug and think. Actually think.

Emerson talks about “POLARITY, action and reaction, we meet in every part of nature; darkness and light; in heat and cold; ebb and flow of waters; male and female; in the inspiration and expiration of plants and animals…”

“Whilst the world is thus duel, so is every one of its parts. The entire system of things gets represented in every particle.”

This just struck me that as I try to live my life on the linear path of how I see things playing out and trying to control so many variables and keep the bad away and keep moving towards the good in my life. I keep trying to control the outcomes and seek to separate, only thinking of and focusing on the one side of things believing that I can have only the good and that my life will have less bad due to my conscious focus on the good, but it is impossible. We must own both the good and the bad, the success and the failure and understand that both are together in balance and fighting it is a waste of time, energy and well being.

Nature always seeks balance, when out of balance it will balance itself. It is a law and like gravity you cannot fight it. So regardless of what you do in your life there will always be balance in some form or another. So when I get angry when things don’t go my way or frustrated. I am using up my energy and expressing a lot of emotion on something that I don’t have any control over. If i just understood that it comes with the territory and to learn from that mistake, that frustration, or set back and try not in invest so much of my energy into those events that I would be more happy and content in my life.

There is another part to this natural balance that Emerson talks about and that is you get what you give.

“All things are double, one against another.-Tit for tat; eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth; blood for blood; measure for measure; love for love. – Give and it shall be given you.-He that watereth shall be watered himself.- Thou shalt be paid exactly for what thou hast done, no more, no less.- Curses always recoil on the head of him who imprecates them.”

“Our action is overmastered and characterized above our will by the law of nature”

What I do, what I say, what I even think or dwell on brings that reflection into my life. Think negatively about others or myself and those acts begin a magnetism that attracts that to us. So I’m focused on positive and not acknowledging the other pettiness of the past or of how I was in the past. I start off with a new way of thinking and acting that has begun to lift the stress off my shoulders and allow me to have understanding of how the universe/world/nature works. I don’t need to react to what the outer world presents but to understand that I control me, my inner world and by doing that the outer world’s grip is loosened, my emotion, my thinking, my reaction are mine.

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  1. Found the comment area!!
    It’s quite a task to change the inner thoughts and person and responses to life. Good for you embarking on that journey!
    And all the best as you forge on! You have a great writing style and write with honesty. Great characteristic to be known for.
    Blessings as you travel your way Paul.

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