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Week 17/18 Vacation Time Away



Time away…..We went to Tulum, Mexico


It was a great vacation and break away from winter, a chance to recharge. I did bring “The Greatest Salesman” with me along with DMP, blueprint, service, 4 promises. I did complete them about half of the time and for the most part was relaxing and letting my mind go and to relax.

Really no break throughs and no big AH-Ah moments. Just sun surf and sand.

We visited the Mayan ruins in Tulum. Very interesting to visit and learn about people who were there hundreds of years ago. Our guide told us about how the Mayans grew to a large empire in the area and had trade routes and eventually got so big that they had an age of decadence that used up all their resources and eventually caused shortages and food shortages due to their extravagance. I could see how that very thing is happening now and that history and maybe even human nature doesn’t seem to change be it the Mayans, Romans or us today. We seem to go so far and grow so big that we eventually collapse ourselves and scatter into little nations only to repeat the pattern again in some new form.


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  1. What an awesome place to be while crafting your world within. I love your photos! You said you had no breakthroughs but it seems to me that recognizing humanity’s tendency to grow into a decadent, lazy, comfort zone unto its own demise is definitely an insight. Is there not also a risk of doing this on a personal level as well as on a societal level? What can we do to avoid doing this on a personal level?

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.
    Daniel Hanscom recently posted…Is That Your Final Answer? – MKMMA Week 18My Profile

  2. What a lovely time you’ve had — for the outer and the inner self. So critical for us to be aware, and to be careful of self-destruction, as a self and as part of our society. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Paul, it must have been great to leave the cold behind. Down here we get your used cold drifting down and it is still cold. Glad you got a little chance to go a recharge your self in mind and body. We are on the last stretch so hang in there and accept the call.

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