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We caught up with Paul Falkowski on the ski hill in Whistler, BC. Former banker, a real estate investor and avid snow boarder. The reason we were sitting down with Paul today at this world class resort was to discuss how he has come to be so successful in business and in life. This is a short version of what we found out and what Paul had to say.

I have had the opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary to become a great investor, but also along the way I discovered what I really wanted in life and discovered who I truly am. I have been blessed to be able to have luck in business and life because I believe luck is created through doing the work, putting in the time and energy to make my dreams a reality.

Paul’s journey started in 2001, as he got out of what he calls “The suit n tie cubical world” a restricting environment he called it.

So I quit and have not looked back. I built up as sizable portfolio of real estate holdings from 2001 and began to see certain indicators that things were about to change in 2007, so I sold off my real estate holdings before the crash of 2008. Over the next eight years I had the time to study and look for the next investment opportunity. I tried a few other investments before coming across gold and a company that offers gold in small amounts that makes it affordable for everyone and at the same time teaches people about having a financial back up plan. “Everyone should have a little gold in their holdings” Paul stated.

So we asked Paul what is all this really about?

Well for me it is about learning, how I can be a better person. Along the way a good friend and investor told me about the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, (thank you Julie). Being inquisitive and always open to learning and looking at new things I inquired and did some research on this. It was an absolute mind opening experience, allowing me to not only understand myself better but also the world I am in.

From this course I have been able to calm my mind, develop new healthy habits that support what I have in my life and to live that life fully with no reservations. The MKMMA has allowed me to discard or shed so many ideas and concepts that just didn’t really work. This is not from lack of effort but because my ideas lacked a blueprint and a laid out map to follow. Trust me it is not an easy journey by any stretch and to un-learn is always more difficult than to learn something the first time. Most importantly is to remove my past trappings of ego and limited vision through my opinion which is a learned habit. I know I’m getting too wordy but let me get your full attention here…..It works….It is true… is the link I was looking for.

I use to wake up in the morning with that feeling of GO! GO! GO!, that stress of all things you have to do. The compression on my chest and that there is not enough time in the day and by days end I just want to sit on the couch and relax for an hour without some sort of problem or someone pulling at me. Now, I control my life and choose how I spend my time. I understand more because I have a set of guidelines I follow that remind me of these distractions and old habits. I find myself not getting caught up in the stuff I use too, like who won the game or the type of car I drive or other distractions. Removal of those distractions alone has freed up more time and energy in my life. I feel content, that I don’t have to search or run around and that I make my own reality.

My point is that I am not any different than any other person. The only things I have done differently was to ask questions, push against the status quo, work my ass off, build skills and to find people that were doing what I wanted to do. I would ask those people not only how they became a success but asked them how I could help them. You see the secret for me is not to take but to share and give. Giving comes in many forms but I always seek to give more than I receive. I gave my time, knowledge, connections,and ideas. There are many alternative ways you can give other than money, you just have to be creative and being creative takes thinking.
Thinking takes time so I would sit down and quiet the world around me to just think.

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