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My Master Key Experience

2 Months since last post “Roller Coaster”


Back sliding into old habits. Allowing old thoughts that do not support me back into my life.

After completing the Master Key program it was like Phew!! I made it!! I did it!! Now I’m a new person, I have these amazing skills and I am more aware of me and my habits so now I can take what I have learned and continue on with life. The thing is that I was feeling tired and a little overwhelmed so I put the master key reading away. I rationalized that I don’t have the time right now and I know what to do, so I don’t have to be on top of it as much. I got this!!

Amazing how you can come so far and yet return to old familiar paths even though we know, we know where that path leads but yet still return.

Last few weeks I have been in a sea-saw battle of walking the new path and going back to old path. I have been focusing my mind more on not being negative or beating myself up. I have been changing the conversation to what moves me forward, how to move forward without struggle and why not get things done with a positive attitude.

roller coster of life

Definitely still a roller coaster ride but I do catch myself more often than not and correct my behavior and thoughts.

Got to keep moving forward.

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